How long will my baby bundle take to arrive?

As soon as applications are approved, your Bundle Box can be picked up or delivered either during your last month of pregnancy or as soon as the baby is born.

How can I qualify to be eligible for the bundle? 

You can apply for a maternity package if you are in need of baby essentials from 0-12 months due to Financial hardship.
A prerequisite for receiving the maternity package is that you must visit a doctor or a maternity clinic/child health clinic for a health check before you give birth. In practice, this means a health check that you have before the child is born.
You must also get a certificate from a doctor or a maternity and child health clinic showing how many weeks along you are and can only apply after your 6th month of pregnancy.
You can apply for a maternity package up to the baby is 3 months old and a copy of birth certificate is required.

The maternity package can be awarded to persons who are residing in New Jersey at the present time.

Include the child’s maternity proof from Doctor or the Birth Certificate with your application or the application will not be processed.

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