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“Because every child deserves an equal start in life.”

When a mother becomes pregnant there is a difficult road ahead with little help and a small budget, even with a larger budget it is expensive to buy all the necessary safe products a newborn needs to get a heathy start in life. It is also an unknown to a new mother what is really needed. The baby does not come with instructions and they are often given the answer “if you know have to make it you know how to take care of it.”
I was fortunate to be born in Finland where the Maternity package has been given out to every citizen for 75 years now and I am a recipient myself of the Maternity package as I had two children born in Finland. It was a weight off my shoulders to receive all the essentials in one box and the box in itself can serve as a simple first crib, preventing SIDS as new mothers many times do not know any better and sleep with the newborn in the same bed or place them in a crib with far too many ruffles and pillows etc.

Each Package has an estimated value of $299.00 and include essentials from newborn to 12 months. I will attach a list of items and pictures of the Maternity package. We are still working with manufactures for the packaging and are accepting ideas for the box and sponsorships if your company wants to advertise on the box or show your support on our website.

I am requesting your support in Baby Bundle, Inc.  I would gladly accept monetary donations and/or any of the items needed in the box.

I am also looking for volunteers helping me grow and also people to participate as we start preparing for our fundraising events.

Mia Forsberg-Villon

Executive Director

Founder of BabyBundle, Inc

About Us

Every child deserves an equal start in life



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